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Board games (indoor)

Atlandice (2-4 players, 40 min.)

In the game Atlandice you try to save the last riches of Atlantis before the great cataclysm.

The island will be flooded by the ocean. There isn't much time left. You try to save everything.

Visit Atlantis areas using open gates. Use the facets of the city to your advantage to obtain as many resources as possible. Watch over the quarters that have no resources and beware of your opponents. Earn prestige points by collecting more resources than your opponents.


Bosk (2-4 players, 45 min.)

During the spring, players take turns carefully planting trees of different sizes to gain influence in the forest. Those trees will determine how many points will be scored in the summer. When autumn arrives, the leaves fall from the trees in the twisting direction of the wind. In winter, points are then scored for the player with the most leaves in each region in the forest.


Color addict (2-6 players, 15 min.)

A colorful and immersive game, perfect for game nights or afternoon breaks.

Color Addict is a card game in which all players try to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. Cards can be discarded by playing the correct colors and words.


Dolores (2-5 players, 15-20 min.)

Freebooters have lit signal fires along the jagged cliffs of the coastline to lure ships lost in the stormy night. One of those ships, HMS Dolores, has just landed. While salvaging the ship's cargo, the looters gather to divide the loot by performing a strange ritual.


Lungarno (2-5 players, 45 min.)

In the fourteenth century many rules applied in Pisa. The city's influential families were the route to success, prosperity and power. Trading houses competed with each other to make big deals with these influential families in order to get a large income. At the same time, master builders built beautiful palaces, great towers and fantastic shops in the hope of impressing the influential families in order to earn prestige and prestige. The center of this pursuit of wealth and prestige is the Lungarno district, which sits on the banks of the Arno River. Can you beat your competitors by dominating Lungarno and becoming the richest merchant in Pisa?


Romans go home (1-4 players, 20 minutes)

Strap on your kilts as you take on other clans in an all-out brawl to send the Romans out of your land! Deploy your fearsome warriors and plan your moves carefully so that your clan comes out on top.


Tsukiji (2-4 players, 20 minutes)

Master the market and become Tokyo's richest seller. It's a busy morning at Tsukiji's gigantic market, but you don't have much time to act like a tourist. In the Tokyo of the 1930s there is work to be done. The players are restaurateurs looking for the best fish and seafood. They have to outsmart the other negotiators at busy auctions. Using your knowledge of the market, you will try to manipulate prices, set traps, sabotage your opponents and maximize your profits in an intense battle for the best fish in all of Japan!


Attack of the jelly monster (3-5 players, 15 min.)

Attack of the Jelly Monster is a chaotic tactical party game.

The players roll seven dice and try to claim majorities. Everyone plays at the same time. You have to be faster and smarter than the others. You can use the special effects of your dice to come out of battle stronger.


Boss kito (3-5 players, 45 min.)

In Boss Kito the players are rather small gorillas. They are on an island in the zoo. By playing loose and bunches of bananas, they can gain benefits from the most powerful gorilla on the island: Boss Kito. With these advantages, the players win points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!


Deep blue (2-5 players, 45 min.)

It was a great idea to buy this treasure map! The most ancient, legendary and richly equipped shipwrecks are within easy reach. Your ship is equipped with wetsuits and oxygen cylinders and is ready to raise anchor. There is no time to lose!

Slowly the harbor awakens, and eager captains do everything they can to recruit the best divers and historians. That can only mean one thing: there is more than one copy of the treasure map, and the greatest treasure hunt of all time is upon us!

Gather the right crew with a number of divers, sailors and archaeologists, race to the wreck sites, claim a good dive site and explore the seas to discover new wrecks.


Flick 'em up! (2-10 players, 45 min.)

A gun hero with your talent never misses his target. And that's a good thing, because you only have one bullet left to end Ol Cooper's reign of terror once and for all. Welcome to the exciting world of Flick'em Up! - a game where immersive scenarios and unique gameplay elements turn your table into a rugged, unforgiving Wild West town. Load your Colt, take cover and shoot back. You are a fool if you think your enemies will show mercy. Whether you choose to terrorize rural areas with the Cooper Clan, or assist your sheriff in enforcing the law and protecting innocent civilians, Flick'em Up! guarantees a thrilling journey through the Wild West that you will not soon forget! Hurry up, cowboy!


Reef (2-4 players, 45min.)

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean and discover the fabulous coral reef. In this game you determine the growth of your reef, in size and shape. Who grows the most beautiful and valuable structure? However the game goes, you will be amazed at the beauty of your reef.


Spynet (2-4 players, 30 min.)

Take command of your very own spy agency! You are spy masters. Together with a teammate, you recruit agents from various branches of espionage and deploy them to complete valuable undercover missions. With smart play and coordination, you and your teammate will become a dominant force in the world of secret intelligence.


Tuki (2-4 players, 45 min.)

In the Inuit language, the word Tukilik is used to describe an object with a message. The northern landscape is rich in such objects. The most famous of these objects is the Inukshuk. Every turn you try to make a Tukilik with your stones and snow blocks. You can choose between two difficulty levels. Be fast, precise and transform your stones to the messengers of the north.

card games

In addition to the games below, there are also 16 packs of cards available to borrow for playing card games, for playing magic, for building houses of cards...

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