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The idea of Student Hotspot has been around longer than today. "There is a need for an umbrella student spot," the students of the AUHL Student Council announced in 2019. After numerous conversations, the Student Hotspot became a reality. In March 2021, the Student Hotspot opened its doors for the first time in the Kapertoren.

Student Hotspot outside

Student Hotspot inside

Events @ Student Hotspot

“Student Hotspot” is a place in Hasselt where more than 15,000 students interact with each other and with the environment. It is a central point - physically & online - that the link connects existing student organizations and new, complementary initiatives that are relevant to students. With this, the student community gives itself a face and creates an overarching network.

As a student you can report and find out all kinds of things related to student life, you can participate in new initiatives and appeal to student services.

As Hasselaar you can go there for (rental) advice, tutoring, business advice and collaboration proposals in which students are involved.

An organization, business or company can appeal to students through student jobs, volunteers, student projects or one of the student companies that are put in the spotlight by Student Hotspot.

Hopefully we can welcome you soon in our house for, by and with students!

Want to contribute ideas or put your shoulders to the wheel on a project?

If so, be sure to let us hear from you

Our partners

The driving force behind this project is de AUHL Student Council (Limburg University-Hogescholen Association). They created a unique place for the students of Hogeschool PXL and UHasselt.

Any help is welcome! That is why the AUHL student council and its partners are joining forces to give Hasselt a boost as a student city. Think of the student councils of UHasselt en University of Applied Sciences PXL, the educational institutions themselves, various student associations and partners KBC en younit.

We also try to build up collaborations with new partners. Are you a student with your own company or organization and do you want to work with us? Then be sure contact with us!

Do you get excited about our project?

We are still looking for sponsors!

Contact us here.

Partner Institutions

Student Councils

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Entrepreneurship & start-ups

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