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What. A. party. was. that!

Last Wednesday, October 4, 2023, the Pré Student Take Off took place at the Student Hotspot. The second edition, but what an edition!

'The international students were very enthusiastic about the Pré. Everyone was super happy!'

Some student partner organizations of Student Hotspot (including Student@Night, Green Office UHasselt, Queer Up, Re-Book IT, Student Teach, ESN Hasselt, Stura, Stuvers, Student Council AUHL...) provided an interactive game with which they challenged fellow students.

Would you like to have a nice chat together, a drink in your hand, enjoy a snack and some fun dance pictures? Those were the ingredients for a successful evening!

I also really want to say that I personally thought it was really nice that the event was organized, because I saw a lot of people get a lot of information and saw a lot of smiles, including on my own face. I had a good time."

View the photo report below! Just share :) ps. don't forget to tag Student Hotspot! A big thank you to Thibau Thomassen (Student@Night) and Stan Vaes (Student Hotspot) for the photos.

That same evening we also stood (together with Re-Book IT) at the Student Take Off with a booth! Super nice, all those happy faces! Thanks for being there!

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