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Re-Book IT

    Re-Book IT started in 2012 as a student company of Hasselt University. She is the intermediary between sellers and buyers of textbooks. In this way, students can earn an extra penny by selling their used textbooks via Re-Book IT and students can also buy their textbooks cheaper. When students want to resell their textbooks, this is of course also possible at Re-Book IT.

    The price you pay at Re-Book IT for your textbooks depends on the condition they are in. For example, you get a 10 percent discount on your textbooks that are still brand new and a 30 percent discount on textbooks with some markings. Re-Book IT focuses on sustainability, but you also help your own wallet by being a customer of Re-Book IT.

    The price you receive as a seller at Re-Book IT, you receive the moment the book is sold. Quality also plays an important role in this. For example, a book that is still brand new in the packaging, Re-Book IT offers 90% of the new price. On this price Re-Book IT deducts a commission for its services and the rest is paid by the seller. As long as the books are not sold, the seller of the book remains the owner. The seller can therefore always request his books.

    Re-Book IT

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