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Student Teach

What is Student Teach?


Student Teach is a tutoring office for and by students that strives for quality tutoring in the Limburg region. Students often have problems with one or more subjects at school. This leads to a lot of frustration and tension. To prevent one bottleneck from blocking the smooth transition to the next year, Student Teach is ready to support these students. The individual guidance we offer is tailored to the needs of the student.

Who is my tutor?

Student Teach is always looking for a tutor who meets the needs of the student.

Because our tutors are students themselves, they know the subject matter through and through. In addition, they also have experience with the relevant professor and the way of examining. These experiences ensure that our tutors can help other students in a very targeted manner. Tutors are also available for primary and secondary school pupils.

How much does a tutoring cost?

Student Teach offers tutoring in 2-hour packages. For one package you pay 50 euros. Of course you can also purchase multiple tutoring packages.

Who is Student Teach available for?

Student Teach provides tutoring for people from primary, secondary and higher education from the Limburg region.

Student Teach

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