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An international student speaks... Seyed Ebrahim Sobhani

My name is Seyed and I am a master's of management student at Hasselt University. I have just described the day which began my love for Hasselt. The following photo collection presents different moments from my life in Hasselt as if they occurred in one day-night cycle. I hope they give you a taste of the city which has become like a home to me.

The day I arrived here in Hasselt, it was a rainy evening in September. The rain was so heavy that I had to take refuge in the train station Starbucks. Once the rain stopped, the sun had already set, and I found my way to my apartment in the dark. As soon as I got into my room, I dropped my luggage and immediately took my camera into the city. The rain returned as I walked aimlessly, exploring the streets and observing the architecture. On one street, I suddenly heard music. I found its source in a bar and went inside.

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