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Back from the road, the Stiletto Run in Hasselt and the winner is ... a man

Natalino Marcocci scored first place at the Stiletto Run Hasselt. He already had some experience in heels because he is a transvestite in his spare time.

Marcocci shot past his female competitors like a spear as the only man. Stiletto Run Hasselt is making its comeback after 10 years, organized by 4 students Communication at the college PXL. They organized a fun warm-up by a personal coach and a dance act by Hasselt drag queen Tina Barthelina. All participants went home with a nice goodie bag but winner Marcocci even got to take home a handbag worth 500 euros. The event saw considerable success during shopping Sunday, with amazed passersby taking the time to take a look (Source: HBVL - Dirk Jacobs).

Want to see more from our AUHL board member? Follow him on Instagram: Gia Hermosa. In the meantime, the Student Hotspot team & AUHL student council are super proud of Natalino!

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