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Full house at the South African evening!

Student Hotspot is all about creating a space where motivated students can meet up, organize events and be creative. Last Wednesday was no different! 5 students took the opportunity to organize a cultural evening completely dedicated to their home country, South Africa... That's what we're talking about!

What's your view on South Africa? Do you expect elephants? Or maybe you expect many tribal communities? Well let me tell you... we were not expecting this!

The students gave us an overview of South African History, their educational system, some amazing tips and tricks to travel and explore while staying safe, and most importantly... FOOD! Yes, you read that correctly, we even got to taste original South African food, and it was delicious!

So to conclude, it was en evening full of culture, food and amazingly welcoming people! A big thank you to all the students who were present and to the amazing team organizing this event! You guys were amazing!

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