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Nageeb is doing it again!

Nageeb is active and super committed as Vice President of ESN Hasselt. He is also active at the national level at ESN Belgium, where he holds the position of IT manager.

Last weekend the last national consultation of this academic year took place where Nageeb applied for the position of 'National representative'. During the consultation, he gave a lot of presentations on why he wants to hold this position. After a lot of toil and sweat, he was elected 'National representative'.

He will hold his position as 'IT manager' until the end of July. He will start in his new position at the beginning of August.

What exactly does his job entail?

On the one hand, he is responsible for keeping all local ESN boards up to date on what is being decided internationally.

On the other hand, together with all the local boards and ESN Belgium, he will cast a vote at the international level. Here he is in charge of communication.

He is also the contact point for other countries should they wish to enter into dialogue with ESN Belgium on a particular topic.

Finally, he will also attend all WEP calls. WEP is the most active organization for intercultural exchanges and language stays.

Nageeb: "Overall, this is a super big responsibility. People look at me when things aren't right & they pull on my sleeve when they want something. But I am confident that I am going to do well & will very definitely do my best."

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